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Tour de Pepper 2013

The Projects

2012 Tour de Pepper riders helped change the world for thousands!  All proceeds from last year’s Tour de Pepper went to aid children in Africa, Mexico, China, and Burma. Children who were trafficked were rescued and provided care and schooling. Children who were starving were given food, love and smiles. Kids exposed to malaria were given the opportunity to sleep in safety, as a result of mosquito nets provided by TdP proceeds. And kids without hope or opportunity for education, went to school for the first time!  Thanks to Kids Across Cultures and the 2012 TdP riders and sponsors!  Become part of the cycle of change!  Ride the Pepper!

The Ride

Last year’s Tour de Pepper can only be counted as a success.  With over 500 riders from all across the country, and as far away as New Zealand, everyone enjoyed a beautiful day to ride and support Kids Across Cultures. The 2013 edition of the TdP promises to be our best ride yet! You’ll want to register early. For 2011 position results:  View last year’s results.

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